MOH 1200/USB

MOH 1200 Music On Hold Players

Revolutionary digital music-on-hold playback system
supports MP3 audio formats. Encryption models available with additional software that can encrypt the MP3 files so they can only be used with the MOH 1200 units.


  • Flash Drive connection

    Plug and Play the Flash Drive to your PC to add new content. Support up to 32GB.

  • MP3 Playback (optional encryption)

    Unit plays back standard MP3 file formats for easy loading and transfer. Optional encryption models encrypt the audio so the files cannot be used outside of the MOH1200 system.

  • Auto start after power loss

    If power to the unit is lost, unit immediately returns to continuous playback with all settings without human intervention.

  • In-built speaker

    Pre-loaded with a generic file with great sounding music mixed with intermittent "thanks for holding…" messages.

  • Simple, plug-in installation

    Easily connects to any "music-on-hold ready" PBX or KEY system - 95% of all phone systems.

MP3 Music On Hold Player

Introducing the MOH 1200

The MOH 1200/USB is a MP3 music on hold player which may be connected to the external music on hold or messages on hold port of any telephone system to provide messages to callers put on hold or transferred. The MOH 1200/USB plays audio files recorded in MP3 file formats

The MOH audio content is stored in standard USB flash drive from 256MB up to 32GB. The MOH 1200/USB is capable of playing back standard MP3 files as well as Variable Bit Rate MP3 files from 16Kbps to a full CD-quality audio playback sampling rate of 320 kbps. Fresh audio content is easily updated by inserting the USB flash drive into a computer's USB port and 'dragging and dropping" MP3 files in to the flash drive.

The unit may also be used for overhead music / messages used in retail stores (store casting applications). The MOH 1200/USB comes with a royalty free generic on hold message and hence is ready to be used right out of the box for MOH applications



  • Player

    On-board memory - 32MB (optional)
    Maximum Memory Supported – 32GB Flash Drive
    Supported audio standards – MP3 (optional encryption)
    Supported bit rates – 16 – 320kbps
    Playback modes –repeat all
    Interface devices - USB Flash Drive, 3.5mm audio output, 2.5mm Power jack

  • Sound Quality

    The MOH 1200 can play better than CD quality files at a bit rate of high as 320
    KBPS and sample rate of 48kHz. Fantastic sound quality can be achieved at a
    bit rate of 32kbps and a 32K sampling rate for MP3.

  • Input

    USB: Thumb Drive

  • Output

    8 ohm: 4 volts peak to peak
    600 ohm: 8 volts peak to peak

  • Memory

    USB: Flash Drive 256MB up to 32GB

  • Connectors

    Audio out: 3.5mm jacks
    USB: Flash Drive
    Power: 2.5mm power jack

  • Controls

    Play and USB Lights
    Impedance 8ohm/600ohm

  • Power

    10VDC 0.2A 1W
    Source - 240VAC, 50/60Hz power pack

  • Physical

    Size: 115mm x 800mm x 30mm
    Weight: tba
    Wall mountable